Air Transportation

Air transportation is one of the best transportation ways among all transportation and exchange ways. This method is in fact one of the simplest and fastest ways to carry loads and travelers.

Effective Factors on Air Transition:

– goods volume

– goods delivery time

– goods price

– goods value

– goods size and weight

Different Ways of Air Transportation

1- Charter Flight (both travelers and goods)

This method is considered among the most useful ways among air transportation ways. Charter flight is in fact a kind of flight in which all seats in a plane are for a single airline altogether.

Among the most important advantages of a charter flight are:

– economizing costs

– shorter path than other air transportation ways

– group reservation

– timed reservation

– hiring a plane exclusively for specific period of time

2- Systemic Flight (for travelers)

Another way of air transportation is systemic fight. Time schedule, the price of ticket and age condition are the main difference between a systemic flight and a character flight. Usually plan and flight costs are specified during the month in a systemic flight and the travels are able to change it.

3- Commercial Flight

Among the main air transportation ways is commercial transition way. Goods are displaced in the shortest possible time in this way. Goods transported in this way in two cargo and freight ways that cargo method is more economized.

Goods are transported collectively in this way and people may send their low loads as well as other consignments to the destination. This way is done by planes specific for transportation and is based on safety standards.

Freight way is also related to carrying travelers’ goods who are going to travel for a long term and is not commercial. So, planes which are capable to carry load in this way must be used. Usually, most traveling planes are capable to carry goods as freight and there is no problem to worry about.

How Is It Possible to Transit our Goods by Air Transportation?

In order to transit goods in air transportation way, first you have to refer to one of the air agencies and send your goods to the related destination after filling out the request form and paying cost.

The Advantages of Air Transportation

– load transition to all regions of country or the world

– high speed in transportation services

– door to door service

– fully economized method

– inquiring load condition via SMS or email