Exports of oil and oil derivatives

According to statistics presented in the Journal of Oil and Gas, as of January 2011, Iran’s proven oil reserves were about 137 billion barrels, which is about 10% of the world’s total reserves. In addition, Iran has 1.045 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, which is about 16 percent of the world’s underground gas reserves. In total, Iran’s oil and gas products include: liquefied petroleum gas, Mazut, diesel, kerosene, gasoline and naphtha.

The National Iranian Oil Company, as the largest subdivision of the Ministry of Oil, is the head of the superior part of the country’s oil and gas industry. The company has the task of producing crude oil and natural gas by having subsidiaries. It is responsible for gas condensate in all fields located in Iran. National Iranian Gas Company operates in the field of distribution and transmission of natural gas within the country’s borders. The National Iranian Petrochemical Company is engaged in the production of petrochemical products, and the National Iranian Petroleum Refining and Distribution Company is also responsible for managing refineries and refining petroleum products, then distributing and selling these products within the country’s internal borders, through fuel stations.

Destruction of Rey oil derivatives theft gang / petrochemical hoarding warehouse detected

Hosein Tavakoli Kajani on Tuesday afternoon on the sidelines of the implementation of the sixth phase of the Thunder project of Rey city command told reporters about the destruction of the gang and the theft of pipelines for the transfer of various oil derivatives by Anonymous soldiers of the General Intelligence Directorate of South Tehran and said: Investigations has shown that this gang have 8 members, 6 of whom have been arrested so far.

The special governor of Rey said that the members of this large gang are active in the neighboring cities of Rey and that investigations are underway to identify and arrest them. They stole oil derivatives by buying or renting land around oil pipelines, these people have started digging large tunnels and creating gaps in the pipes.

Tavakoli Kajani also announced the detection of a petrochemical warehouse in Rey and said: “Some people bought these materials through the stock exchange and after keeping them in warehouses in Rey city, offered Exorbitant prices to small factories that the economic police and other agencies of City of Rey’s confiscated petrochemicals and detected the thefts.

He added: “While thanking the police and military agents, we must announce that the increase in the number of discoveries is the result of the establishment of the police headquarters and specialized police in the city of Rey.”

OPEC: Omicron has no significant impact on oil demand

Emphasizing that the new Omicron virus will not have much impact on oil demand, OPEC did not change its forecast for demand for this year and next year.

Holding on to its oil demand forecast for 2021 and 2022, OPEC described the impact of the new type of Corona virus on global oil demand as mild and short-lived, according to Tasnim.

In its monthly report on the oil market, the group said recent concerns about falling oil demand due to the Omicron virus outbreak are completely unfounded.

“ The impact of the new omicron virus is expected to be very short-lived, as the world is better equipped to manage the corona epidemic and related challenges. Advanced and emerging economies continue to grow steadily ”, the OPEC report said.