Wood Import

Romania is one of the European countries with rich resources like: wood, coal, oil and… Romanian wood industry is one of the so advanced industries of the world. Therefore, importing wood from Romania to Iran is one of the so useful economic measures in the current economic conditions.

Since wood is one of the basic and necessary commodities of daily life, so wood imports from countries like Romania with  ideal tariff is considered critical for our country.

Maybe you imagine that Iran has enough jungle and natural resources to prepare necessary wood of country. But unfortunately, this amount of trees doesn’t supply the need of internal market. Therefore, wood imports from countries like Romania is one of the most important measures in the field of wood preparation in Iran’s market and is one of the activities of Aria Savice Co.

How Many Types of Wood Does Wood Imports from Romania Include?

Imported woods to Iran’s market are generally divided into three groups of fir, yulka and pine. Each of these imported woods have their own features:

– Fir Woods: fir is a kind of reddish white wood which is mostly used in northern region of Iran. It is popular in north of Iran due to it high resistance against humidity and xylophagous insects. This wood is usually used to make furniture, table, papermaking, skeleton making and carpentry. Features like: screwing, sandpapering and nailing has made fir into one of the useful and popular kinds of wood.

Yulka Wood: yulka is a type of yellowish white wood. This wood has high resistance and low weight. This kind of wood is usually used for internal decorations and making home things.

Pine Wood: the texture of pine wood is either so coarse or so fine. Pine woods are red with some pink. The interesting point about these woods is that these woods are a little bit oily. These woods are used for fence making, boat making, furniture and pallet making.