Import of beef

According to statistics, beef meat is the third most consumed meat in the world after pork and chicken. One of the challenges that we are facing in our country is the lack of animal feed and consequently the reduction of beef meat resources in Iran. one of the main solutions to solve this challenge is to import beef meat from neighboring countries. One of the services of Aria Savis Company is importing of beef meat. This company, by collecting a professional team, imports all types of beef meat for all type of buyers, sellers and consumers at approved prices from Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Beef importing steps:
– obtaining legal licenses to import goods
one of the most important parts of importing goods is obtaining legal authorization. Sometimes the complexity of obtaining import authorization is the reason to suggest importer companies to take advantage of the company’s consulting sessions before paying any money for commercial services.

– Registration of importing order
after getting legal authorization from the Ministry of Industry and Mines, Aria Savis Company registers the order through the relevant company, which is Meat Protein Company, in order to import beef meat.

– Shippment
International transportation of beef meat is done through sea, air, rail and composite roads, which is selected according to the type of goods, origin and destination, volume and weight of goods, international shipping costs and duration of delivery and existing risks.

– Customs affairs and customs clearance
After importing of goods into the country, customs clearance process begins. According to the law, the carrier must deliver the cargo through authorized routes. This route is allowed through the borders where the customs is located.