Importing of eggs

With rising poultry feed prices and declining poultry reproduction, one of the main challenges that we are facing is the lack of major protein sources such as eggs in basic food baskets.

Eggs are one of the most consumed protein items in the basic food basket. Lack of production of this nutrient has led to its shortage and unfortunately the elimination of this nutrient in the table.

One of the main strategies to prevent the removal of eggs from the basic food basket of Iranian households is to allocate funds for importing of eggs. Aria Savis Trading Company is one of the most active companies in the field of importing eggs and poultry. Among the positive advantages of this company is the elimination of intermediaries in the supply and offering products at similar prices to manufacturing companies.

Aria Savis has been a pioneering and innovative company in the field of business since its establishment until now, applying modern technical knowledge and continuous development of international communications. Aria Savis’ extensive and favorable relationship with its trading partners and the use of market information and reasonable prices ensure that you have chosen the best option for buying imported goods and exporting manufactured goods.

Services related to importing eggs:
– Export and import of all items related to poultry
– Cooperation with chicken and egg exporters to all over the world
– Cooperation with project managers and contractors to supply the required goods
– Joint venture with exporters or importers of goods
– Cooperation with professional marketers in order to get orders