Management strategies in the Country meat consumption sources

Our country is located in a hot and dry climate and the lack of sufficient feed for livestock and poultry is one of the main challenges in managing the consumption of meat and poultry resources.

There are many management strategies to solve the challenge of red meat production and to prevent harmful economic and livelihood consequences for the country’s cattle breeders and consumers and to prevent the complete elimination of red meat from the food cycle.

In such conditions, the need to plan and manage resources and use all resources to manage this crisis, Due to the important role of livestock organizations in the production and distribution cycle of livestock products, which consists of livestock capital and managed by themselves and in the profits of producers, Utilizing the potential of livestock organizations has become very important.

As you know, due to the seasonality of livestock production and challenges mentioned such as: supply of livestock inputs in the free market and the existence of drought in the country, the rancher is not able to maintain their livestock and unfortunately is selling their productive livestock.

The sale of productive livestock will eventually Caused to the loss of genetic resources and lack of production and reproduction in subsequent seasons, and this will ultimately Caused to damage and destruction of production and the collapse of the economy in the next years.

Solutions for storing the country’s livestock resources:

Make changes in the allocation of inputs

One of the most effective management strategies in storing meat consumption resources is to change the priority of allocation inputs to red meat. Which, unfortunately, is the last priority of the government at the present time.

For this reason, at the present, the rancher has to provide the required livestock inputs at 3 to 4 times the approved price, which causes the price of red meat to rise and the low productivity of production in the livestock units of the country.

assurance purchase of red meat

Another effective strategies for managing the country’s livestock resources, is the guaranteed purchase of light red livestock with the help of livestock support companies and organizations through allocation of inputs against meat delivery, And if the pivotal role is allotted to the organizations, Fattening in a more principled way And with better carcass weight And higher productivity will occur And the rancher will be motivated enough to continue production.

Consequences of livestock feed supply and distribution problems on the prices of final products:

The existence of Problems in the system of supply and distribution of livestock feed for various reasons in the economic system of the country, Due to the high influence of this input on the cost of products, It quickly appeared in the market of these products And quite sensibly increased the price of poultry meat and eggs offered to the market. This PROCESS will intensify in the not too distant future, despite the increase in the global price of livestock inputs. And unfortunately, we will have to remove protein materials from the people’s diet.