Petrochemical Export

The petrochemical industry is one of the mother industries in Iran. Petrochemical products bring millions of dollars in annual revenues to the country. Due to the position of Iran’s petrochemical industry, the marketing situation of petrochemical products with the aim of export, is of great importance.

What are the products of Iran’s petrochemical industry?

Overall the most important products of the country’s petrochemical industry are:

Chemical fertilizers, Urea Diammonium phosphate Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, Plastic Raw Materials , PVC and DOP , Chemicals such as sulfuric acid , Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia, Sulfur, Soot and …

However, these products compared to the tens of thousands of derivatives are obtained from oil and natural gas using advanced petrochemical technology, It was very little, It shows that more efforts should be made in this regard to get closer to reality.

SKETCH of activity of Aria Savis Company for the export of petrochemical materials:

– The sales Broker of some petrochemical products

– Import of raw materials Required by petrochemical industries

– Buy petrochemical products

– Sales broker of some products of petrochemical complexes / petroleum products

– Direct purchase and Without intermediaries Petrochemical products/ petroleum products from Iranian sources Aiming to export to global markets

– Providing logistics services (shipping, warehousing, storing, etc…) in the country And abroad