Poultry Import

One of the most argumentative economic issues at the present time, is the supply of protein sources to the people and the import of white meat. Poultry is one of the best and most economical protein replacements after red meat. Economic conditions caused to decrease in poultry production in our country, and this caused to increase the capacity of poultry import in our country too.

Poultry Import Steps:

Selecting the country of principle for poultry import

There are several countries as producer poultry meat. Meats are imported from Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria in the fastest time. The task of the importing company is to identify the best country for poultry import. To buy poultry and eggs, you can contact to the main sellers in the weighbridge market directly and without intermediary.

Get a Commercial Card

Another steps that is very important for poultry import and you should pay attention to it,is getting commercial card. You need to get your commercial card through the Chamber of Commerce. Please note that the commercial card you receive must be for field of food import activity. There are many types of commercial cards and each one can be used for specific business Purposes. Note that in order to receive your commercial card, you need to deliver documents that you can receive in less time if you render these documents.

Obtain poultry import permit

Another important steps you can take topoultr import is to obtain the permits you need to import the goods. You must obtain one of the most important permits from the health organization and also the commercial code of that product. Each of these types of documents that you receive will be checked at customs. If any of them do not match your goods or if any of them are less, they will be rejected by the customs inspectors and clearance of goods is prevented.

Pay Customs Fees

Customs will charge fees for your imported goods. This fee is based on the type of goods and its amount. In fact, you should know that if the value of your imported load is high or its volume is more than other goods, you need to pay more for clearance. Customs will receive the fees from you and give you the reason for paying them.

Clearance of pourtly import

The last step that is important for poultry import is to clear your goods through customs. All the documents that you have prepared for the clearance of the poultry should be submitted so that the inspectors can examine them thoroughly. Customs inspectors will also check your imported load and then give you permission to clear them. You can take your load out through customs using various means of transportations.