The Implementation of Solar Cell in Country from 0 to 100

Right now with the increase of the world’s population, the resources of fossil fuels are decreasing day by day. Therefore, so many developed countries are trying to use solar energy as one of resources of renewable energies in the world.

Solar cells are needed to use solar energy and transforming it into other usable energies, these cells are called solar cells. Using solar cells has been considered so serious during recent years and sure using solar energy will be one of the most serious measures to fulfill our needs in the upcoming years.

One of the services of Aria Savice Co is implementing solar cells in country from 0 to 100.

Why It Is Necessary to Use Solar Cells System?

– reduced need to limited and valuable fossil fuels

– reduced problems and fueling costs especially to impassable regions

– reduced costs of the establishment of refineries and oil and gas transfer lines

– the capability of on-site production and consuming and economizing the costs of transferring and distributing energy and not needing national electricity network

– varying the resources of energy supply

– presenting CO2 production and helping the environment

– the possibility of installing and setting up in different potentials suitable with the need of consumers

– suitable lifespan and facility in productivity

– the possibility of installation in facade or on the ceiling of houses as building materials

How Solar Cells Function?

Usually, the electrical energy produced in solar cells is transferred to solar controller charge which is a piece responsible for controlling battery charge. Then this energy charges it by means of solar charge control sensors in the case of low battery charge and finally electricity inverter transforms DC into AC to be used in daily domestic and industrial consumptions.

How Solar Cells Are Installed?

The efficiency and performance of solar cells usually depends on the level and intensity of radiation, temperature, periodic cares and other factors.

Solar cells have usually the highest efficiency in cool regions because energy dissipation is prevented in such regions due to high temperature.

When installing solar cells, usually it is important to consider the intensity of radiation of where solar panel is located and then then best place be selected to install them. Moreover, when installing solar cells, the panels have to be placed in such a way that they don’t shade the next panel to prevent shadow burn.

Avoid installing solar panels in places with tall lampposts and buildings as this may cause hot spots and shadow burn in solar cells.

How Long Solar Cells Live?

Usually, solar cells live for about 30 years in normal conditions. The first 15 years of the device life is considered service life and during the first 5 years of solar panel life, it pays all costs of construction and production with its performance and the rest of 25 years of the device will be profitability.