The necessity for providing conditions for the presence of foreign investors and traders

According to Vark News, the economic growth and development of any country shows the productive capacity of that country and one of the most important production factors is the capital.

Financing through the capital market is also one of the very low-cost methods of financing, which requires gaining the trust, investment security and protecting the rights of investors.

The CEO of “Andisheh No” Trading and Investment Company mentioned that one of the influential factors in the process of attracting foreign capital is investment security based on encouraging and supporting foreign investors and emphasized that :the political risks of foreign investment as well as foreign exchange transfers of foreign investors should be fully covered and supported by the government, and that the role of the private sector in the process of attracting investors is very important.

Mehdi Aliabadi Farahani continued that: if the president-elect supports foreign investors, several large investment companies have announced their readiness to invest in Iran, and good income generation can be achieved.

He described investing and attracting investors in a country like Iran, which is facing problems such as sanctions, as a very risky task and said that: if we have the ability to invest and the ability to attract investors and also provide competitive capability, some large international investors can be Persuaded to invest in Iran, and without fear of sanctions and banking restrictions, achieved high economic profits and even established permanent markets and exhibitions in other countries.

Now Mehdi Aliabadi Farahani, who is one of the economic and investment activists in Iran, has the ability to bring large investments to Iran and even provide exhibitions, hyper markets and centers in other countries for domestically produced products and have a lot to say in international markets, if the president supports domestic and foreign investors and businessmen.