The necessity to capture and maintain the target markets of other countries

The CEO of the Trading and Investment Company said: one of the most important and effective things are to capture and maintain target markets in other countries and also allow their traders and investors to invest in our country.

According to Asr Sanat, Mehdi Aliabadi Farahani added: in investment and acquisition of target markets field, things have been done that production economic income can be boost and increased.

The head of the Trading and Investment Company continued: there is a lot of infrastructure and suitable conditions for investment in Romania and it is possible to capture not only the target market of this country but also the target markets of other countries in connection with Romania, like Poland, the Netherlands, Britain…. by establishing permanent exhibitions or centers and bring currency and income for the country.

He said: all the sheds and warehouses in Romania have been visited and the necessary conditions are provided for the construction of a permanent exhibition or bazaar, and now we are waiting for government’s special support, such as the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Customs, and Mining Industry and … to support our country’s products as a consortium.

Farahani said: we can supply, rocks, petrochemical derivatives, petroleum products and foodstuff and provide for our domestic needs from the markets of these countries. In this way and by bartering we can easily supply domestic products in other countries without fear of sanctions and banking restrictions and meet domestic needs.

In another part of his speech, he referred to the necessary infrastructure for investment in Iran and said : there is a large market and demand for honey wax, sheep fat, paraffin abroad, but unfortunately there is no the necessary support to provide export conditions by government, and most importantly, the Livestock Support Organization has a lot of sabotage too.

Aliabadi states that: there are large investors who want to invest in Iran and by using their investment power and economic potential we can achieve high economic income.