Land Transportation

Goods transportation is one of the main ways to communicate and exchange goods among different parts and even countries to fulfill the basic needs. Land transportation is one of the most useful ways to transport goods. Land transportation is one of the goods transportation ways with less cost and higher speed than other goods transportation ways. On average, land transportation takes 3 to 10 days to transport the goods to destination.

Different Ways of Goods Transportation

1- intracity road transportation

2- suburban or intercity road transportation

3- rail transportation

4- maritime transportation

5- air transportation

Different Ways of Land Transportation

– rail transportation

– road transportation

How Is Land Transportation?

Goods are transported in this method using transportation cars, lorries and trucks and… from the origin to the destination. A bill of landing is regulated in this way to control transportation.

As mentioned before, rail transportation is another way in land transportation and as it implies, the goods are transported to destination via railroads.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Land Transportation:

Among the most important advantages of land transportation are:

– suitable and economic price than other transportation ways

– door to door delivery service

– low risk in transportation

– suitable speed

Among the most important disadvantages of land transportation are:

– delay in transportation process

– road dangers

– damage to goods

What Goods Are Usually Imported to Ira via Land Transportation?

Goods imported through land borders from countries like Spain, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Denmark and… these goods are:

– pressure and air transmitters and air analyzer systems

– solutions and pumps and vacuums

– fluids discharge control systems and instrumentations like level indicator and flowmeter.

– industrial valves like ball valve, globe valve and other equipment

– piston cylinder, screw compressors, pressure compressors

– medical centrifuge and surgery room tools

– kitchen appliances like industrial oven and cookery equipment

– medical equipment like orthopedic and implant cement

– high and low pressure switches