Oil and derivatives

Iran has experienced increasing growth in this type of trade due to access to abundant oil and gas resources and suitable position in terms of export of petroleum products. Iran is geographically located in suitable position for exporting oil and gas to developing countries , it is very close to these countries or different transportation methods are available.
Developing countries are a very good destination and market for the export of petroleum products and other export goods. In Iran, there is a center called the National Company of Distribution of Petroleum Products, which is committed and experienced people who are at a very high level in terms of knowledge and are fully acquainted with export laws use the existing facilities in the field of export of petroleum products and with the help of oil storage tanks and the use of transportation facilities, they have been acting very successful in this regard.
This process has been carried out in Iran by the Petroleum Products Company, which in a short period of time has been able to fulfill its obligations in oil contracts in markets and exporting it to countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, UAE, South Korea and Africa. Iran’s neighbor countries can also be markets for exporting, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia,… which is a good opportunity to meet the petrochemical needs of these countries.

What are the steps for exporting petroleum products?
The export of petroleum products is continuous and the process is completed stage by stage. First, a request must be written by the customer to receive the required petroleum derivatives by the importer. In the next step, the supplier will review the quotation and, if possible, exporting requested products will be started. The customer will be fully checked and after the necessary researches and if he is able to get the product it will be transferred for. Complete planning will be done for the shipping method and other conditions in the market.
After the primary confirmations, an offer will be issued and when the company requests, the amount will be deposited and the account must be checked and after that the contract will be closed and custom authorization will be taken. Goods that have been loaded should be count and finally invoice will be issued. Petroleum products sell through the stock exchange or directly, but whichever way these products are sold, legal steps must be take in to consideration. Of course, due to the changes that occur in international markets and sales may decrease in a while, but due to the presence of experts, the export of petroleum products always maintains its growing trend, it is better to plan these exports in significant quantities